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My own little corner online, where I can hide all my belly-button lint.

I think I can stick links in here...
It appears so!
I never liked that archive crap anyway.
Maybe i should organize these into sections...
Yeah, that would be cool.

Artists to worship:
Robert Venosa
Alex Gray
M.C. Escher
Stanlislav Szukalski
Zdzislaw freaking Beksinski
Rene Magritte
Honore Fragonard (now mostly translated!)
Senor Zar
Ex-Python animator
Mr. Bird could beat up your mother AND a dinosaur
Ernst Fuchs (fyooks, you asshat)

Don't let your kids listen to:
Big Dumb Face
White/Rob Zombie
Collective Soul
Damn pretentious Canadians
Queens of the Stone Age

People with the misfortune of knowing me:
Teh w00tFr3d!!1!
Someone I don't really know but has good taste in TOOL, err, music.
My sister was dropped on her head.
The rest of my friends have too much self-respect for an online presence.

We dn't need no stikning spellchecker!

Fine, I'll archive this crap:

Comments: "
This still grosses me out. :S
" "
That happened to me once O_o ... only it was a brushetta chicken ciabatta sandwich from Jack in the Box, and it was stuck in the back of my nasal cavity for a while. It was very uncomfortable. ^ ^;;
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So's I'm just minding my own business, eating pasta (with tasty sauce,by the way, yummeh!) And I had to sneeze/cough in the middle of the bite. You know, one of those things where your respiratory tract is just like "WHOAH, LETS FREAK THE HELL OUT!!1!"
Then leaves you spasming for the next minute. Luckily I managed to not spew my food out all over the monitor, but I....well, I dislodged a booger. So then I had to go get a tissue and expel the damn thing, cuz there's nothing worse than having to breathe around a booger. The deed was done, and I had to check. You know you have to, it's one of those guilty pleasures, like smelling your own farts. Anyway, it turned out it was actually...
So yeah, I wasted a perfectly good bit O' food on my sinuses, and they didn't even thank me.

P.S. during the writing of this, I sneezed up a chunk of chicken as well. ewwww. I've wasted far too much time and effort writing about what's lodged in my nose. I think I'll go do something more productive, like bang my head against the wall.

  posted by Travis @ 7:15 PM

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