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My own little corner online, where I can hide all my belly-button lint.

I think I can stick links in here...
It appears so!
I never liked that archive crap anyway.
Maybe i should organize these into sections...
Yeah, that would be cool.

Artists to worship:
Robert Venosa
Alex Gray
M.C. Escher
Stanlislav Szukalski
Zdzislaw freaking Beksinski
Rene Magritte
Honore Fragonard (now mostly translated!)
Senor Zar
Ex-Python animator
Mr. Bird could beat up your mother AND a dinosaur
Ernst Fuchs (fyooks, you asshat)

Don't let your kids listen to:
Big Dumb Face
White/Rob Zombie
Collective Soul
Damn pretentious Canadians
Queens of the Stone Age

People with the misfortune of knowing me:
Teh w00tFr3d!!1!
Someone I don't really know but has good taste in TOOL, err, music.
My sister was dropped on her head.
The rest of my friends have too much self-respect for an online presence.

We dn't need no stikning spellchecker!

Fine, I'll archive this crap:

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So, my co-worker Crystal hasn't shown up the last 2 days of work.


Let me explain a little about my job. I started off as the filing-lackey. There were 5 people between the front desk and business staff. Half of them were ladies that were both attractivem, intelligent AND had great senses of humor. That's pretty damn rare in a work place, so depite the fact that the job fucking blew and they were paying me under what they ADMITTED the job should pay (due to budget constraints) I decided to keep it past the first month. Then the first one went and got married, and quit

(I never finished this post, so I'll summarize. Then another one left because it was summer, then the TRULY AWESOME PETRA-LADY quit because she hated the job too and is far too smart to keep wasting her time there. Then they fired the only remaining girl and hired this Crystal chick. She was nice, but didn't show up after the 2nd week, which is what I was blogging about. It turns out this was because she got in a car accident and was too broken to come to work. Sad, but I'm now far away from that horrid job, so it's okay)

  posted by Travis @ 8:46 PM

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