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My own little corner online, where I can hide all my belly-button lint.

I think I can stick links in here...
It appears so!
I never liked that archive crap anyway.
Maybe i should organize these into sections...
Yeah, that would be cool.

Artists to worship:
Robert Venosa
Alex Gray
M.C. Escher
Stanlislav Szukalski
Zdzislaw freaking Beksinski
Rene Magritte
Honore Fragonard (now mostly translated!)
Senor Zar
Ex-Python animator
Mr. Bird could beat up your mother AND a dinosaur
Ernst Fuchs (fyooks, you asshat)

Don't let your kids listen to:
Big Dumb Face
White/Rob Zombie
Collective Soul
Damn pretentious Canadians
Queens of the Stone Age

People with the misfortune of knowing me:
Teh w00tFr3d!!1!
Someone I don't really know but has good taste in TOOL, err, music.
My sister was dropped on her head.
The rest of my friends have too much self-respect for an online presence.

We dn't need no stikning spellchecker!

Fine, I'll archive this crap:

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So I was hoping I'd get the new Wallace and Gromit movie in the mail while Gabby was here. Sadly, Blockbuster took too long. That's okay, I wanted to see the special features anyhow. By the way: If you don't love Wallace and Gromit, I humbly submit that your soul is little more than a whithered husk.

Anyway, fun fact!

Wallace and Gromit single-handedly revived the Wendsleydale cheese factory. It was on the verge of bankrupcy when Wallace mentioned it in "A Close Shave" and completely revived demand for their cheese. Maybe I can get them to mention my blog in their next short...

  posted by Travis @ 11:54 PM

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