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My own little corner online, where I can hide all my belly-button lint.

I think I can stick links in here...
It appears so!
I never liked that archive crap anyway.
Maybe i should organize these into sections...
Yeah, that would be cool.

Artists to worship:
Robert Venosa
Alex Gray
M.C. Escher
Stanlislav Szukalski
Zdzislaw freaking Beksinski
Rene Magritte
Honore Fragonard (now mostly translated!)
Senor Zar
Ex-Python animator
Mr. Bird could beat up your mother AND a dinosaur
Ernst Fuchs (fyooks, you asshat)

Don't let your kids listen to:
Big Dumb Face
White/Rob Zombie
Collective Soul
Damn pretentious Canadians
Queens of the Stone Age

People with the misfortune of knowing me:
Teh w00tFr3d!!1!
Someone I don't really know but has good taste in TOOL, err, music.
My sister was dropped on her head.
The rest of my friends have too much self-respect for an online presence.

We dn't need no stikning spellchecker!

Fine, I'll archive this crap:

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Today, I was faced with a conundrum, a conundrum of EARTH SHATTERING PROPORTIONS!

I wanted to watch a movie. But, like, I'm going to ozzfest tomorrow, and I have to get in the mood. So it can't be a good movie, it has to be something stupid and violent with preferably demonic themes. Luckily, blockbuster had my back. Blockbuster is my homey like that.

So it boiled down to Nightwatch or Underworld: Crapvolution. They're both vaguely interesting, yet both crappy enough that neither is clearly better than the other. I couldn't decide, a mistake at this point could ruin the rest of my life!

So I decided to leave my fate to the hands of, er, fate. I flipped a coin. Heads: Crazy Russian death shit. Tails: Kate Bekinsale's... tail. The coin said tails, so I shall now spend the rest of the evening wondering how they poured Ms. Bekinstail into those latex pants.

Oh, and if anyone happens to be going to ozzfest, I'll be the dude in the pit wearing a ninja mask. See you there!

  posted by Travis @ 8:19 PM

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